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Our team is growing at Foraging Leaders… Please welcome, Grey!


DSC_0633Image: ©Brianna MacLellan

Hello, everyone,

Please join me in welcoming Grey to our team at Foraging Leaders!

Grey, who has been working with us as a stock management consultant since November 2018, will be joining our team as Director of Strategic Foraging and Innovation.

Grey has spent many years leading the industry towards more efficient and cost effective methods of protein collection and distribution. Known for their creative solutions, Grey has been labeled by industry experts as the “Rocket J. “Rocky” Squirrel” of the Protein Management world.

Grey is excited to be joining the Foraging Leaders team, and we look forward to having them continue their professional journey at Foraging Leaders!


P.S. Here’s Grey sampling some product before heading into their first meeting with head of purchasing

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